Olympic Rowing Liveblog – LW2x

Repechage 1: Brazil, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Egypt
We’re back to a normal start procedure. Netherlands lead, pulling Vietnam and New Zealand with them. There is clear water back to the rest of the field. Brazil just off the stern of Vietnam and moving through. Vietnam are fading early at 750m Netherlands less than a length over New Zealand. Overhead shot shows Netherlands finish quite tight at their bodies with big reach at the front end. The battle for third is close between Brazil, Japan and Vietnam. 1500m: Netherlands comfortably clear; New Zealand in second and Japan third. Japan have almost a length over Brazil. New Zealand closing on the Dutch who continue to rate at their mid-pace. New Zealand and Japan lift the rate to be sure of staying ahead of Brazil. They finish in that order, with Vietnam and Egypt trailing.

Repechage 2: Canada, Korea, USA, Cuba, Argentina
USA and Canada get their bows in front off the start. Cuba trail Canada by just a few feet at 500m. USA have a strong pull at the finish and send their boat well. They connect well through the heels throughout the stroke. The Canadians have their typical long layback. It’s very tight between Canada and Cuba at half way. Nothing between them. Canada lift at 1000m and take a canvas. USA still out in front by a clear length. Korea and Argentina are trailing by two and a half lengths are look to be out of this one. The USA lift their rate slightly at 250m and Canada and Cuba wait for the last 100m to practice a finish burst. These three go through with Korea three lengths back and Argentina trailing by clear water to them.

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