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Olympic Rowing Liveblog – LM2x

Repechage 1: Egypt, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Uruguay, Greece. It’s now a crosswind from Lane 6 to 1 in … read more

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Repechage 1: Egypt, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Uruguay, Greece.

It’s now a crosswind from Lane 6 to 1 in the finish area. This only affects lanes 1 to 3 slightly due to the wind shadow from the FISA grandstands. Canada lead at 500m with less layback that the rest of their squad. They pick up the catch very smoothly and are engaged early in the stroke. Greece re in second. It’s a close battle between Australia and Hungary for third. These two crews will go out unless they can gain the length to the two leaders. Canada and Greece cross halfway with inches between them. Greece move through Canada who now have Hungary nipping at their stern and Australia close too. Hungary and Australia level and now only half a length behind Canada. Greece have two-thirds of a length lead at 1500m. The Australians still rowing strong and now lift their rate but it’s Hungary who pull into second place with 250m left. Australia level with Canada in third. Greece now lift with Hungary only half a length down as they cross the line. Canada slipped back behind Australia. Uruguay and Egypt bring up the rear.

Repechage 2: Argentina, India, Cuba, Japan, China, Hong Kong.

It’s brightening up at Dorney and it looks like we’ll avoid the rain. Cuba lead by half a length to China with the rest of the field within a length at 500m. They move out to a length at 750m. China still in second coming into 1000m but under pressure from Japan as Cuba stretch to another half a length. Cuba extend to two lengths clear and look comfortable with great relaxed rhythm. Japan move through and have just over a length back to China. A canvas between Japan and China with 100m to go but Japan stay three feet ahead to take the second place in the semifinals with Cuba. China just miss out.

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