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Newsletter February 2007

Rowperfect Newsletter February 2007. Articles on the Rowperfect Seminar, Indoor tanks and the news blog.

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Dear Rowperfect community

Welcome to another year of Rowing (and training) perfectly. We were reminded at the ARA conference that only perfect practice makes perfect! Nice words to support our mission to sell products that lead to improved technical excellence in rowing, sculling and coaching for clubs, athletes and coaches in the UK.

The Rowperfect Seminar will be on the night before the Eights Head in London (Friday 30th March) and we are delighted that Jim Flood will lead an interactive workshop on The Skill of Coaching. More details are below and on the website. Please can you help us to publicise it by circulating this notice around your clubs email list?

We have launched a blog on the website news page. Here you can comment on articles and start conversations with other coaches and athletes about the topics we write about. We are keen to become a useful learning resource and so all articles are categorized for easy reference. Categories include coaching, equipment and testing.

Please let us know what you think of the new design and any improvements you like.

Rebecca Caroe and Grant Craies, Rowperfect UK

Coaching Achieving the best results possible: Rowperfect Seminar 2007

Rowperfect UK is keen to support improved technical excellence in rowing, sculling and coaching for clubs, athletes and coaches in the UK. Each year we host a seminar for the purpose of coach education. Past speakers have included Harry Mahon, Martin McElroy, Paul Thompson, Rosie Mayglothling, and in 2006, Duncan Holland. The seminar slides are published after each event.

This workshop is about two things; the knowledge and communications skills of the coach and how to
balance the boat so that the best possible results can be achieved.

In order to achieve this, a skilled coach has to be able to educate crews and individuals (shape their knowledge to each individual rather than the individual to the coaches knowledge) rather than the coach retaining power and control which limits the achievements of the athletes and may prevent them achieving their potential.
Effective communication skills in the coach enables this process to begin.

Then a coach must know the techniques required plus the process of implementing them. A coach must also know how to develop the best teams/crews possible with the skills available.

Broad aims:

This will be an interactive workshop to explore the ways in which communication between coach and crews can be improved. It will introduce techniques for analysing lack of progress and in particular, suggest ideas for achieving rapid results with beginners and improvers.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Analyse how they communicate with crews and have new techniques to try out with the aim of improving this aspect of their coaching
  • Understand the way in which feelings can be created by using words and how to use this technique when coaching
  • Try out some practical communication methods to enable beginners and improvers to make quicker progress
  • Understand the possibilities and limitations of athletes and crews participating in the coaching process
  • Handling troublesome individuals

Venue is:

Kings College School Boathouse,
Putney Embankment.


7 pm and running until 9 pm;
Friday 30th March, 2007

To book a place email us. The entry fee is payable on the door of 5 to cover costs. Last year we ;sold out and so please do reserve your place.

Rowperfect News Blog

You have probably all heard about Blogs or Web-logs as online journals or newspapers. Here at Rowperfect we have made our news page on the website into a blog. This means that instead of just reading our news you have the opportunity to talk back and start a conversation with us and other readers.

When you read a news item on the blog, below it are the word Comment or No Comment in blue type. Click this and a new page opens with a form which you can use to write your comment and send it to us. This will be published on the blog so that others can see what you think and whether you agree or disagree.

You can subscribe to receive the blog news as it is written by hitting the RSS Feed button which will add it to your bookmarks.

The button is bottom right of this page under the Categories list. Or if you have a Bloglines, Google or Yahoo account you can click the relevant button and have it delivered to your account direct. We hope that this will make the news section a place you will want to come back to more regularly and will use as a resource and information source for your own coaching and rowing.

There are quite a lot of people writing about rowing, sculling, coaching and race results online in the form of blogs. If you are interested in finding the addresses of more of them drop us a line and we’ll write about it in the blog so that everyone can see where to find interesting people writing interesting stuff about our sport

New Rowperfect Design

There has been a lot of correspondence about the new Rowperfect design Photos are on the news page and we hope that the first models will be delivered to the UK after Easter.
A line drawing of the new Rowperfect Indoor Sculler model.

Indoor Rowing Tanks

Several clubs have approached us to ask about the Durham Boat designed indoor rowing and sculling tanks. We wrote an article showing photos of a tank being installed and got these very prescient questions from a prospective customer.I was wondering how the tank is designed.

I for instance noted the V shape on the bottom of the tank. I assume this is to assist the two opposite waterflows to be separated from each other?

I was wondering how the problem of sculling vs sweep rowing is solved in this tank. Since sculls of course are much shorter than sweeps, the place of the blade in the tank is different.

I read on the Durham BC site that special tank-oars and sculls are used. I was also wondering whether the proportions of the tank are the same as rowing in a boat (thus about 30 cm of of the oar for sweep rowing) and the same angles of catch and finish as in the boat.

And whether it is possible to also use big blade-shaped oars, since these have a very different catch (next to their overall behaviour in the water).

Durham Boat have written some answers but you have to go to the News article for the full detail.=

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

One thought on “Newsletter February 2007

  1. Hi Rebecca

    Another saying for you as regards practice – “Practice makes permanent”, therefore important to get it right!

    Would like to attend the workshop but cannot commit as will probably be stuck on the M40 travelling down! Any handouts/ material with the seminar?

    Kind Regards


    Merchant Taylors School BC/Merchants 98 BC

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