What does it take to excel in competitive youth rowing eights?

By Rebecca Caroe

What does it take to excel in competitive youth rowing eights? A question from Quora Firstly, you have to enjoy the sport. Go join a group with fun people in it and enjoy meeting them when you train. [This is because a strong bond between athletes makes them perform better under pressure because they don’t […]

A Sample Strength Training Routine for Rowers

By opeleroy

This workout was designed for a group of male high school-aged rowers, and was created by strength coach Matrixx Ferreira, CSCS, of Iron Athletics Canada. The workout can be done by athletes from junior to senior ages, so long as the rowers have a grasp of the fundamentals of basic lifting. As always when hitting […]

US Rowing is in trouble – here’s a remedy

By Rebecca Caroe

The mud has flown around the internet as the US Rowing board resigned, got reinstated, they fired their High performance Director and complaints and demeanours were aired in public. Whatever governance issues US Rowing has (and we hope they get sorted out), there is a bigger more visible problem.  The US Rowing mens team won […]

US Rowing Rio

Sean Colgan reflects on US Rowing changes

By Rebecca Caroe

Like many people, I read the Boys in the Box report.  However nobody is going to change the US system in the way the author recommends – we aren’t set up to create Olympians in school – we’ve established to provide kids fun in sport.  For example, many clubs use river rowing – you can’t have kids […]

Difference RP3 and RP3S rowing machine

By Rebecca Caroe

I have a number of questions please :- 1. Difference between RP3, RP3S and Rowperfect Indoor Sculler. 2. UK price. 3. Where we can try it. 4. Comparisons with Oartec Slider and Concept Dynamic. Answers RP3 is an earlier model of RP3S and was phased out in 2012.  Indoor Sculler is independently made in Australia. […]

Performance Psych for Rowing

Strength Coach Roundtable #5: Performance Psych for Rowing

By StrengthCoachWill

The Strength Coach Roundtable hosted a monster of a podcast about performance psych for rowing as we went nearly 90 minutes straight and all felt like we still had more to talk about. Will, Blake, and Joe were joined by guest Sara Hendershot for a discussion of performance psychology in rowing and how you can use […]

Coaching your coxswain – yes, you CAN

By Rebecca Caroe

Bad coxing starts with poor coaching.  Improved coxing comes from an understanding of the best way to instruct.  Few coaches have been coxswains and so take a quick educational guide from a Coxswain, Chelsea Dommert, who found that she was frustrated by the un-clear instructions she got from her coach.  So she wrote the book […]

diagram to show common errors at the catch

Coaching the catch in rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Coaching “The Catch” a guest post by HowardtheCoach If you Google the term “catch” you find “intercept and hold (something which has been thrown, propelled, or dropped”) and in rowing “the catch” is precisely about intercepting and holding the moving interface between the boat and the water. It is a simple term for a subtly complex concept, […]