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Sculling Makes Sweep Rowers Faster

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re Going to Say We Told You So  is a wonderful archive article by Troy Howell on his grumpy-old-coach-blog, Sculling and Stuff Like It. It was written in 2014 at the Head of the Charles when the Great8 beat all comers in the championship event – this was a crew comprising 8 of the top […]

Teaching rowing co-ordination

By Rebecca Caroe

One of the hardest things to coach in rowing and sculling is co-ordination. How to move in time with other people in the boat.  This is particularly hard to teach in a wobbly rowing boat where the coach cannot get close up to position the athletes’ bodies. RP3 is the rowing machine that feels like […]

Tips to buy the perfect rowing machine

By Rowperfect UK

Rowing is one of the best exercises that can keep you fit and healthy. Are you aware that with a single rowing stroke, you are making as many as 9 major muscle group of your body work?   Perhaps, there isn’t a better way to work out indoors than opting for an exercise regimen that includes […]

RowingChat: Craftsbury Sculling Center

By Rebecca Caroe

Going on rowing camp is an experience which many never get – today we are with two expert coaches from the famous Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont USA, Marlene Royle and Troy Howell.  Together they talk us through the opportunities a technique small boats camp can offer for accelerated learning. Listen to RowingChat with Craftsbury […]

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The Pathway to Paralympic representation

By Rebecca Caroe

Rachel Froggatt from Paralympics New Zealand talks about how the pathway from community awareness of sport participation for people of disability through to international representation is tough.  Tough all the way. Funding for the parts “That matter” is not available at all for community awareness and community development and only partially available for the Paralympic […]

Monthly Prize Draw September 2017

By Rebecca Caroe

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (September) we have TWO prizes:  Video analysis of your rowing / sculling or ergometer technique by Marlene Royle and Troy Howell of Craftsbury Sculling Center  Get Yourself signed up and become eligible to WIN […]

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What is a ‘competitve’ rower?

By Rebecca Caroe

Andrea Buch writes I am looking for insights:  How does your club define ‘Competitive Masters’? What does it mean to be ‘a competitor’?  The more mature I get as an athlete, and the more athletes I encounter when I coach, the more intrigued I am by this question. There has been a softening in my […]