Children on rowing machines

How to improve my erg time?

By Rebecca Caroe

My daughter has just started rowing and is disappointed with her rowing erg time, how can she improve? The short answer to your daughter’s dilemma is to practice, practice, practice. As a new learner, a lot of improvement will come from building up physical adaptations i.e. training muscles and getting stronger. The longer answer is […]

rowfficient tank

Sara Hendershot on RowingChat

By Rebecca Caroe

Next Rowing chat is going to be lively – I’m talking to Sarah Hendershot (Lombardi) about Project Unlock Potential her innovative approach to rowing training using intensity, strength and skill as a shortcut to boat speed. If you want to climb the rowing ladder FASTER and more efficiently, this is a MUST-attend event. Join Rowing […]

rowing Static erg versus dynamic erg explained.

Why does the erg cause more aches and pains than rowing boat

By Rebecca Caroe

A reader asks “how come there are more “aches and pains” on the erg than in a boat?  And how can one correct that? my knees don’t do well on an erg, my High School kids also have more problems like more ice packs on the erg. I know Rowperfect are rowers–but just asking as erging goes hand […]

Sara Hendershot

Join RowingChat with Sara Hendershot

By Jeremy Peskey

Rowperfect is delighted to have Sara Hendershot, Olympic athlete and elite rowing coach join us on RowingChat. Join RowingChat with Sara Hendershot Sara grew up as the oldest of four siblings in Simsbury, CT. She played many sports growing up and tried rowing at Simsbury High School, where she was immediately hooked. She was recruited […]

How to Coach using Rowperfect updated

By Rebecca Caroe

If you have bought a copy of our ebook How to Coach Using Rowperfect – we’ve updated the book and so you should log into your Rowperfect shop account and download a new edition. The changes are all URL links – we were told some Adobe readers stripped out the hyperlinks and you can’t see […]

Can a fit novice beat an experienced rower?

By Rebecca Caroe

A reader asked us the question “Do you have any rough formula for how much speed bad technique can take from an otherwise strong boat? I think a lot about how much good technique can compensate for if an experienced crew with good technique races against a very fit novice boat who might not have great […]

coaching the coxswain

What makes a Good Coxswain?

By Rebecca Caroe

It’s important to acquire a deep knowledge of your sport in order to acquire mastery and eventually become an expert.  Here’s a video (transcript notes below) of Marcus McEllenney the US national mens 8 coxswain at 2008 Olympics explaining What makes a Good Coxswain. Becoming a good coxswain – everything boils down to awareness.  Most […]

Monthly Prize Draw Winner December 2016

By Rebecca Caroe

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (November) we have this prize:  6 Minutes in Berlin book by Michael Socolow This month, Michael Socolow has donated a copy of his book about the 1936 Berlin Olympic rowing 8s race. And the winner is Enzo […]

We have RP3s in stock

By Rebecca Caroe

Just received shipment of new RP3 rowing machines. Get in touch if your club would like to try one out as a demo for a fortnight. Complete this form Rowperfect Demo Agreement and email it to us. Artwork credit Drue