Olympic and World Championship Rowing performances

How to Win an Olympic Rowing Medal

By Rebecca Caroe

The 2016 Rowing Olympiad has come to an end and the 2020 Olympiad commences this week with the World Championships in Rotterdam. Did the rowers competing all get sick, contract zika virus or were they mugged of their gold medals? No. Rio 2016 will be remembered for the iconic Cristo Redentor looking down on the many […]

How to get balance in a single scull

By Rebecca Caroe

A reader asks this question: How to get balance in a single scull? This  is a common question and the quick answer is.  To balance a single scull you must have these two things: you must be comfortable in the boat.  This means relaxation and not reacting when the boat tips to one side you need skill handling […]

Monthly Prize Draw

By Theo

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (August) we have this prize: This month, we are giving away a copy of Rowing Stronger, by Strength Coach Will Ruth Get Yourself signed up and become eligible to WIN by clicking on the “Join Us” […]

Rowing in the movies

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing appears in adverts and the movies with some regularity, but rarely is it so nicely lighthearted as this commercial, The Cautious Hat Maker. First watch the advert…. about the town of ‘Hattington’ and then the ‘making of’ video.  The rowing piece is 2:22 in the latter.   Hat tip to HearTheBoatSing blog for the […]

Advice for coaching masters rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

I’m working as a coach for masters this summer, first time in a coaching position. 5 years junior rowing experience. Does anyone have any tips specific to masters? I’m working the early morning group, so they’re all dedicated women with a drive to work out hard. It’s 3 mornings a week for an hour each […]

2k ergo test

How can I improve my erg score?

By Rebecca Caroe

What is the best way to get good 2 km ergo test results? You asked about the best way to get good 2k ergo test results. This is the best way – focus, determination and a dedication to ongoing practice. Here is my advice on how to do this. Practice – you need to be […]