Rhythm in the rowing stroke

Sara Handershot Lombardi

Sara Lombardi from Rowfficient writes While a bit controversial, we do believe in ONE most efficient rhythm to achieve maximum speed and efficiency based on the biomechanics of the rowing stroke. The @kiwi_eight are doing a great job of displaying our ideal “One stroke at a time” rhythm, also known by many as a “gather […]

Rowing Socks fun

Fullers Head of the River Fours

I sat in the bow seat of a coxed four for a long distance race (the Fours Head of the River). It was remarkable for two things. Firstly we were a girls sweep crew and being chased by a mens quad and secondly I learned the difference between port and starboard. Des was our coxswain […]

Are you a Rowing Superstar?

Rowing Super Star submissions

There’s a new rowing data app in town called CREW by True Rowing – founded by Bruce Smith and Matt Lehrer both ex CRI in Boston, MA, USA they are working on closing the gap between gym erg rowing and on-water rowing.  CREW aims to stream live training advisory sessions over the internet to viewers […]

Rowing and Single Use Plastics

Rio Beach with plastic rubbish

British Rowing has written a response to the Blue Planet documentary about extensive plastics use by rowers. As rowers, we use plastics in a variety of ways from the water bottle tucked into the back of our lycra, to the packs of pasta we hungrily consume after a long outing. Unfortunately, if not managed carefully, […]

Santander Spain rowing tour 2018

Rowing vacation , Tour rowing, rowing holiday, Cantabria Spain

Take a rowing tour to Spain; you will fall in love with the beautiful estuaries of Cantabria. This is a 5 night and 6 day rowing holiday opportunity to discover the beautiful bays and estuaries of Santander, Santoña and Bilbao in Northern Spain. Rowing in Europe and Exploring Cantabria have created a wonderful vacation opportunity […]

Julien Bahain on RowingChat

Julien Bahain

RowingChat is really delighted to be interviewing Julien Bahain international representative for both France and Canada [separately] and now finding life after rowing and working on the FISA Athletes Commission.    We are doing a listener survey – could you take a couple of minutes to tell us what you think about RowingChat? Listen to […]

How to Steer Henley – coxed or coxless

Henley Royal Regatta, start line, Rowing race

Expert coxswain Andrew Probert and Julie Hogg share their tips for steering Henley Royal Regatta course – an extract from their ebook. The Henley start has a Y pole which lines up with a red circle on another pole behind where the picture is taken. For coxless boats this gives you the ‘line’. Despite being the […]

Alternatives to weight limits for rowing

Lightweight men rowing

Should the rowing community be looking to alternatives to weight limited classes for racing rowing?  Thanks to Georgia who wrote this comment on our article Why Lightweight Rowing can be Dangerous.   Wow. In a sport where height and lever length is everything, the focus is on weight! Take the focus away from weight and […]