Coastal Rowing will be Olympic Discipline soon

Olympic discipline: Coastal Rowing

We are almost there. Coastal Rowing will be Olympic soon. World Rowing will send a proposal to the Olympic Committee soon, to substitute the light weight rowing disciplines with 3 Coastal Rowing races. On Oct 20th. 2020 Fisa held their World Rowing Virtual Congress. The agenda was full of topics and all proposed changes of statutes, […]

Upper body impacts from foot positioning

Let’s follow up the post we had two weeks ago about the impact of leg length differences and what we can do about those. This weeks post is not directly about our lower limbs but about their impact on our upper body. As with anything in the way our body moves, the legs are never […]

Calf Skin Protection on Sale!

Did you read our post from Friday about slide bites and a rowers bum? If you don’t want to change anything at your boat, we have something for you! The most simple way to protect you from slide bites is to use calf protection. Rowperfect offers various calf skin protectors. Sale! Rowperfect Calf Skin protection and […]

European Rowing Championship 2020

The European Rowing Championship finally took place in Poznan, Poland, last weekend, after being postponed in spring due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s special circumstances were clearly visible, particularly on the podium where fellow team members awarded the medals. Nevertheless, it was a good insight into what to expect of the Olympics in Tokyo […]

About slide bites and rowers bum

Slide bites or how to spot a rower walking down the street . . . Ok, picture this – it’s summertime.  You’re walking downtown and ahead of you is a girl (or guy – you choose): tall, bronzed, lean, athletic-looking . . . she’s looking good and you cast your eye downwards to the flick […]

It’s getting colder. Have a look at our Hoodies!


It’s getting colder outside and wearing a shirt around the boathouse might not be warm enough anymore. So let’s have a look at our hoodies! Men’s Zip Hoodie – Hooded sweat jacket with zip Outer fabric (300 g/m²): 85% cotton, 15% polyester High-quality French terry 85% combed, ring-spun organic cotton Two-layer hood with drawcord Lateral […]

Autumn is coming. Exercising while being sick?

Autumn is coming and with it the common cold. While in 2020 we should always be on the lookout for COVID19-symptoms, we also should not forget about the common cold and its influence on our performance and health. At times it can be difficult to fully understand when it is safe to continue with our […]

Leg length differences – effects and treatment

Last week we talked about problems concerning the knees of rowers. One of the main issues with knee problems are differences in the length of our legs. But what does that mean exactly? All of us operate with a degree of dysfunction which is accentuated as wear and tear, tissue ageing and prolonged movement patterns […]

Waterproof socks for winter rowing

Are you rowing in winter? Do you know what it feels when rain water poured along your legs and little by little wets your socks? Want to keep your feed warm and dry? Rowperfect just took delivery of some new waterproof rowing socks. Well, its time to think about your feet. Protect and keep them […]

How to replace a wiring loom

Coxmate 6W Eight 4 Speaker / Harness System w/ Seat Sensor

As we get back into our boats for winter training having the best rowing electronics speaker system and one that works reliably is pretty important for coxed boats. Most of the popular makes are now modular so you can replace one part and also test the whole harness to find out where a break in […]