When sleep is not giving rowing recovery

Athlete asleep

I have a question involving rowing recovery. Basically I hate going to bed sore and waking up feeling worse, and I’m wondering what is the best position to sleep in and how to potentially use pillows as support for my traps lats and lower back? We took this question from a reader to our expert […]

Wind Apps to forecast rowing weather

Wind Compass app screenshots

The Masters Rowing International Facebook Group had a great discussion on which are the best wind apps to forecast rowing weather. WindCompass is a super simple app that shows windspeed, gusts, wind direction, hourly & daily weather forecast (temp, chance of precipitation) and sunrise/set. Hi-Def Radar MyRadar WindFinder is my personal favourite – it also has an […]

Second Hand Rowing Boat websites

buy rowing equipment, second hand rowing boat

I am writing from a newly launched rowing club in the middle of Southern Sweden. Rowing is not a big sport in Sweden with only a handful of clubs and a little over 3 000 registered rowers. This makes sourcing of hardware a bit of a dilemma. I have previously bought a couple of boats […]

I feel excluded in my rowing club

exclusion, ducks, one yellow duck, rowing club exclusion

I feel excluded. Do I quit my rowing club? Do not quit yet. But do some personal therapy right away. Take a sheet of paper and write down why you feel “excluded” and include what the behaviours are that you see from others that cause you to have the feeling of exclusion. Then date it […]

What to Wear for Rowing

Nowadays, rowing seems to be one of the nation’s favourite sports. People really love it and since the Rio Olympics interest has just increased.  Trouble is – most folks have never tried rowing.  If you think you might love rowing, make sure that your clothing is suitable.  It’s absolutely essential to be comfortable with what you […]

Monthly Prize Draw April 2018

Sport Parenting Advice

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (April) we have this prize:  High Performance Parenting will give one lucky listener/subscriber A private One on One Coaching session with Eira Parry of High Performance Parenting. Get Yourself signed up and become eligible […]

Data Protection and Rowing Clubs

If your club collects member’s personal information, you need to be aware of this. British Rowing event – should be very helpful. Recommend sharing with your friends. Data Protection and Club Members’ Data British Rowing’s official hosting solutions partner Pulsant, is hosting a special webinar on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) exclusively for British Rowing affiliated clubs […]

Hyndsight Video Capture

Hyndsight Video Capture kit

Interested in video capture for rowing? Melissa Thompson the brains behind the Hyndsight Vision system wrote a comment on our blog. Hyndsight Vision Systems now has a recordable model called Capture? Up to 4 cameras can be strategically placed to record all at once while providing real time video stream. Both coach and rower can […]