RowingChat with Matt Langridge

By Rowperfect UK

Matt Langridge MBE Matt is a classic athlete developed and made successful by the British Rowing system. he started rowing as a junior and has now spent 15 years at the highest levels of the sport – all in pursuit of the dream of an Olympic Gold medal, which he achieved in Rio 2016. His insights […]

One year training program for Adaptive Rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

A giant thank you to Community Rowing Inc in Boston’s Jenny Sichel – she has kindly shared a full year training program for Adaptive and Para Rowers to use.  We have updated the Rowing Para Rowing and Adaptive Resources page with the link. One year training program by Community Rowing for adaptive athletes. Divided into […]

Swim tests for adaptive rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

Do you require swim tests for adaptive rowers. If so would people be willing to share their criteria I will defer to Tara Morgan who coaches at Seize the Oar in Seattle to answer. Tara writes: Here’s our policy on Swim Tests: Athletes are always first treated as every other rower in our boathouse […]

Speed and Cadence monitors for Kayak Canoe

By Rebecca Caroe

Whether you are rowing or paddling, and no matter what the craft, speed is a great metric to measure. Sometimes however, you need a little more. Measuring cadence (stroke rate) can give you a real insight as to how well (or not) you are training. It can help you whether you train solo, or as […]

Monthly Prize Draw for May 2017

By Rebecca Caroe

  Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (May) we have this prize:   Matt Langridge’s Rio Olympic kit including singlet, visor and team polo shirt. Get Yourself signed up and become eligible to WIN by clicking on the “Join Us” box below, […]

Learn to row camp: Photo Credit Long Beach Rowing

Kids Rowing Camps for Summer

By Rebecca Caroe

What are the best Summer Rowing camps for 14 year olds worldwide? My daughter has 1 solid year rowing and top 10 provincial Erg scores. Some days the Rowperfect mailbag comes in with the BEST questions.  I particularly like new challenges where we have not previously written on the topic.  Aimee’s question was one of […]

Sinkovic brothers rowing

A Few Tips From The Best Rowers On Earth

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re less than a year removed from the Rio Olympics, which was a thrilling spectacle for rowing enthusiasts. This is a sport that a lot of people take on in their personal lives, either for exercise or for the sake of competition. But as a spectator sport it isn’t always the most accessible option. This […]

British Rowing Clubs – attitude not action

By Rebecca Caroe

We have had a range of responses from club leaders around the country – reporting a range of diverse local situations which have an impact on the changing headcount of club active rowers. The orginal articles here and here. From the North West I can draw a similarity to what could be a problem. As you […]

Custom rowing jewelry

Rowing Graduation Gifts

By Rebecca Caroe

Graduation – a chapter of your life filled with experiences, friends, laughter and long hours of studying is coming to an end. A time of your life that has created many memories and moments to celebrate. Graduation and with it, taking the next step on the ladder to your success, is coming. New York City-based rowing […]