Where to Get Your Rowing Jewelry at HOCR

By Jeremy Peskey

Handcrafted rowing jewelry designed in New York City and made in Europe. Strokeside Design was born out of the passion for the rowing sport with the mission to provide artisanal quality and beautiful designs, which allows rowers to show their passion. This year, Strokeside Design is proud to be among the official sponsors of the […]

Confident sculling let go of handle at catch

3 ways to improve your catch timing

By Rebecca Caroe

Placing the oar in the water at the catch at the correct time is hard to do so today we share 3 ways to improve your skill.  Quarter Slide Push Drill – Starting from catch position blades are placed into the water and one quarter (6 inches) of the slide is covered just by pushing […]


Steve Gladstone on RowingChat

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re stoked that this month’s guest on RowingChat Podcast will be the titan of Ivy League rowing, Steve Gladstone. Reserve your ticket to listen live or to receive a recording afterwards on our RowingChat page.  Plus, remember you can ask a question when you reserve the ticket. If you don’t know his track record…. read […]

Meet Rowperfect at HOCR and BritChamps

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re out on the road this weekend in UK at the British Championships and in USA at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA with Rowing Jewelry from Friday 8 am.  The location of our stand at HOCR is in collaboration with Rowing Jewelry – they will be showcasing our Miniature Oars in […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #4: Recovery

By StrengthCoachWill

We really jammed a lot into this episode to talk about recovering from both rowing and strength training. You’ll learn all about active and passive recovery techniques, finding a recovery protocol that works for you, and of course WHY recovery is so vital to both short and long-term improvement, health, and performance. Hear it also […]

The Future of Lightweight Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

A guest post by FatSculler. Back in March I wrote an article for Rowglobal.com reviewing the FISA Conference, which actually was far more interesting than it sounds. The main thrust of the discussion was the future of Lightweight Rowing in the Olympic Games. Well, after the World Championships in Rotterdam there was another National Federations […]

USA Canada Shipping -\ YES WE DO

Is VAT chargeable for USA customers on Rowpefect?

By Rebecca Caroe

Do you ship to the United States?  Are orders VAT-free given that they’re going abroad? Would it be expensive to ship a small order, e.g., a few books, rowing gloves and some videos?  We do ship to the USA, most certainly!  Around half Rowperfect’s readers are stateside and we love you guys! No VAT is payable […]

What resistance level should I train on a Concept 2?

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowperfect are the Rowing Education experts.   Not all knowledge is found in training courses or coach education.  We know rowers want to know things – that’s where we come in…. Rowperfect knows rowing.  Ask Us. What resistance level should I train on a concept 2 rower? Concept 2 ergos have a range of resistance from […]

Coxmate GPS preferred mounting angle

By Rebecca Caroe

What is a preferred angle for mounting the Coxmate GPS? I’m about 6ft 5in tall and sculls in the bows of a double with forward mounted Wing Riggers! This limits the mounting options to the point that the Coxmate GPS is almost horizontal! This give very fluctuating Rate readings typically between 10 to 40 over 2-3 strokes […]