7 Steps To Being A Better Rigger

By Theo

The Rig Up Your Life email series brings you 7 key lessons to get you rigging rowing boats, and rigging them right (correctly)! We know the daily strains and stresses of rowing, training and getting boats on the water but we also know that rigging is crucial to success, and we want to make you enjoy […]

Masters International discussion with Marlene Royle

By Emelie Tillack

Calling all masters rowers – we have started a Facebook Group called “Masters Rowing International” to enable masters rowers to discuss topics of interest and also to get expert advice from Marlene Royle. The Group has over 1500 members at the time of writing from Hong Kong, China to Uzbekistan and Alaska.  Discussion is in […]

Rowing Jewellery for sale at Henley Royal Regatta

Buy Rowing Jewellery during Henley Royal

By Rebecca Caroe

Get ready to see (and buy) beautiful rowing jewellery at Henley.  After being founded in 2014, Strokeside Designs from Brooklyn (New York) is now heading towards Henley Royal Regatta, the most prestigious rowing event in the world. They are bringing a collection of rowing jewellery exclusively crafted by hand and many must-haves for every passionate rowing fan. Strokeside Designs have […]

Why rowers should avoid bench pull

By Rebecca Caroe

Why are you so against bench pulls?  Will Ruth is the author of Rowing Stronger.  He Writes Bench pull is a less effective exercise for rowing and muscular development than many other pulling exercises, plus it has a very high injury risk for an already-too-common rowing injury. Low specificity to rowing. There’s never a point […]

Coxmate PC analysis software

Coaching the Recovery using Data

By Rebecca Caroe

We got a customer asking about how to use rowing data in order to improve the coaching of the recovery for a crew. “I think the important factor is making the recovery as smooth as possible so we don’t lose too much boat speed in the 8+. We have spent a lot time optimising the […]

Matt Lehrer

RowingChat with The Rowing Network – Online Global Coaching Education

By Rowperfect UK

This month we’re welcoming the authors of the world’s first online rowing coaching training course, The Rowing Network. Created jointly by Rowing Australia and Community Rowing Inc, this innovation is going to be revolutionary for every community rowing club who struggles to keep their coaches skilled and informed about the best ways to teach rowing […]