Crossing the Line Sport

Retired professional athlete? CTL Sport needs you

By Rebecca Caroe

Crossing the Line aims to bring greater insight and understanding into the retirement process and wellbeing of elite athletes. Which is why we’re proud to support new research into athlete transition, conducted by CTL partner, Chris Mordue. The research is focused on the following question: How does retiring from elite sport affect the identity and […]

RowingChat: Bo Hanson of Athlete Assessments

By Rebecca Caroe

Bo Hanson has three Olympic Medals representing Australia and now leads the Athlete Assessments business tutoring coaches in the techniques that build resilient athletes and “toughness”.  His insights into the psychology tools that build great teams as well as personal experience from rowing are covered in detail during this RowingChat episode. Team Culture and Identity […]

Pre-Christmas offer – FREE shipping!

By Tabhitha Tang

Hey all, The end of the year is coming up so fast, and before we know it, Christmas will be here.   To say thanks for all the support over the past year, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on items in the Rowperfect UK shop. Just use the code freeship2017*.   You can use this […]

Monthly Prize Draw November 2017

By Rebecca Caroe

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (November) we have this prize:  Athlete Tough Programme Handbook by Athlete Assessments and Bo Hanson   Get Yourself signed up and become eligible to WIN by clicking on the “Join Us” box below, add […]

How popular is the Rowperfect UK website?

By Rebecca Caroe

We don’t often blow our own trumpet… but we had to send out information to a sponsor about our website in comparison to others and I thought, Darn It!  I’m going to publish. So what follows is the Alexa Rank for popular rowing websites. Alexa creates a ranking for every site in the world – […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #7: The Squat

By Strength Coach Roundtable

After a few month’s hiatus, rowing strength coaches Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe Deleo return to the Strength Coach Roundtable to talk about an important lift for rowing performance–the squat. In this 45-minute episode, we talk about how we teach it to our rowers, our favorite (and least favorite) variations of the squat to […]