What News? Online in Rowing this week 24th February 2012

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This week in the rowing online news several stories caught our eye:

  • Mohammed Ahmed’s introduction to rowing and early success as a coxswain representing India in the Asian Rowing Championships
  • Kerry Rad writes about her novice’s first race – this really well-written account of the LSE novice womens eight doing their first head race and overtaking a crew!
  • A Discussion Thread about ‘coxswain’s chance at an Ivy League school‘ where the participants discuss how to get recruited to a top US university using a sports scholarship. This quote from page 3 of the discussion by ‘etondad’

The Eton cox of the Great Eight of two years ago is the cox at Yale and he was definitely recruited.

right before the first bridge our cox, Val, shouted, “Alright girls, only 1 and half boat lengths until we overtake this next crew!” I remember thinking that there was no way we could be overtaking a crew so early. About 15 strokes later another call from Val was, “1 boat length girls! Push harder!” The bit where we actually overtook the crew is somewhat of a blur because I was just too excited that we were in the process of going fast enough that we could overtake a crew. We managed to take the crew going around the bend and under the first bridge.

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