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We have a new product in our online store that we think you might enjoy. It’s paint your own miniature oars. Since you love the hand painted miniature oars we sell so much, we thought you might like to paint your own. So now you can.

Expertly designed with a wooden handle, moulded collar and sleeve. With both port/strokeside and starboard/bowside options.

The spoon/blades are available in 9 Base colours seen in the picture below.

Miniature Oars Blade Colours
You can purchase this kit here
The Kit Includes

  • 1x  Assembled  black shaft with Wooden handle and white collar
  • 1x  Assembly  instructions  (Shaft to  blade)
  • 1x  Preparation/Paint tips (acrylic, enamel, lacquer, nail polish)
  • 2x  Spoon/blades (one for practice)
  • 1x  6mm dowel blade holder (will stand in a 6.5mm hole while drying)
  • 1x  Piece of 2000 grit  prep sandpaper (for acrylic and enamel  paint only)
  • 1x  Grid set out at 3mm

This kit does not include paint but it does have a handy painting tips guide that outlines the best practices for painting with acrylic, enamel, lacquer and nail polish. Some of these basic tips are included below.

Painting  Tips

Mask your base colour to avoid splatter etc. Use a low tack masking tape.

Acrylic artist paint

Using 2000g paper, sand both surfaces and edges for good adhesion. Using a good fine artist brush will give you the best results. Use two or three thin coats. Dry paint with a hair dryer between coats. Methylated spirits is a good solvent for acrylic paint as it won’t damage the spoon/blade should you make a mistake. A clear acrylic glaze coat will help improve the finish.

Enamel (hobbyist model paint)

Good to use if you are used to hobby painting. Using 2000g paper, sand both surfaces and edges for good adhesion. Take care as the turps/solvent will melt and soften the blade surface. Beware you can not remove this paint once you have started.

Lacquer (Automotive Paint 1k ie not a 2k which has a part B hardener.)

All of our custom painted oars are airbrushed using 1k lacquer. The colour coat is coated with a clear lacquer to aid engraving and a lifetime of wear. Use only an airbrush. Beware of the thinners/solvent as it will melt the blade.

Nail Polish

I would suggest you free hand using this medium it dries quickly and coats can be thin. A clear coat may have to wait a couple of days so any colours don’t run.


Enjoy creating a miniature oar yourself.

The Rowperfect Team


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