New Coxing Magazine launches

Coxmate are delighted to learn about the launch of a new Coxing Magazine – handily called, Coxing Magazine and edited by expert coxswain, Jen Whiting.

Coxing Magazine Logo
Coxing Magazine Logo

Coxmate got on the phone to Jen and we had a discussion about the project.

Why did you start this?

Well I got the idea a long time ago but my work life was very busy at that time and so it sat waiting until suddenly I realised that 2016 was the year to get started.

As a long time coxswain I know that finding useful information is really challenging – most of the rowing press and websites are focused on athletes rather than coxes.  It’s time to redress the balance.

How can I get hold of a copy?

Well at launch (End April 2016) we will be printing a real live magazine and that can be shipped to any USA address.  We do have plans to run a digital version and that will be available worldwide.

Check out the Coxing Magazine Website.

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