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How long should my sculls be?

I’m going to buy a pair of blades for a single sculling boat. I’m 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall … read more

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I’m going to buy a pair of blades for a single sculling boat. I’m 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall and weigh 55kg. what length of blades should I buy. Thank you.

I am really not an expert on sculling oars since we no longer sell them. You don’t say your age (only because older people aren’t going to get stronger) and whether you are experienced or just starting out.

Most oar manufacturers will make oars that can adjust plus or minus 5 centimetres around a midpoint. And so my suggestion is if you ensure that what you buy can be adjusted to 288 cm long then that’s going to allow you to set your oars up to match others in a crew boat…. you can then shorten them for yourself.

I would recommend starting to scull on 286 cm long in a single – and try the sculls out on a measured course or using speed measurement in the boat.  You will be able to work out what is best for you based on your expected 2k time and the rating you want to race at.  If your rating is lower than your target (or what you used to be able to do with other sculls) then the gearing is too hard.  Remember gearing is not just oar length, it is also span/spread on your riggers oarlock to oarlock.

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