Making the Warwick Uni RC Naked Calendar

We caught this podcast interview with Angus Malcolm – the photographer behind the wildly successful naked rowing calendar made over the past 6 years by Warwick University Rowing Club.

Warwick Uni naked rower fundraising calendar
Warwick Uni naked rower fundraising calendar

My take on the interview is that Angus made it successful first by aligning the calendar sales with a cause – Sport Allies – fighting homophobia in sport.  And then popularised it by promoting to the world male gay community using forums.

Listen to the FIR interview with Angus Malcolm. [episode 13 on the list without a title]

Buzzfeed’s Matt Bellassi picked it up in December 2013 and then agreed to write about it a second time this year.

Their ‘making of’ video is worth a fun look, it is also for sale.  And I’m guessing the back catalogue sales will be fueling a whole lot of titilation too.

And this year they’re crowd-funding the 2015 edition.

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