Mahe Drysdale’s last update before the Olympics

The past couple of months have been both successful and frustrating. We arrived in Europe

Tower-Bridge-&-Olympic-Rings-London-2012-by-Michael-Levi (Photo credit: Michael Levi)

in early May and headed straight into the second World Cup in Lucerne. I was happy with my racing, being right on the pace throughout the weekend and ended with the silver medal after a very tight battle with Synek all the way down the course. I was 0.5sec behind at the end.

It was then to Belgium for a good block of training which ended with a race in Amsterdam at the Holland Beker Regatta. This was a much more successful race for me. It was tight between Synek and myself until the 1250M mark where I pulled away winning by about 5 seconds. This was a pleasing result and the last time I would meet Synek before the Olympics. It was then to Munich for the final World Cup regatta. Unfortunately whilst training on my bike a car didn’t see me at a roundabout and hit me, writing off my bike and giving me some cuts and bruises as well as a fairly serious shoulder injury, bruised hip and sore ribs. This would end my chances of racing at the final World Cup regatta and keep me out of the boat and away from the Rowperfect for the next 3 weeks. It was frustrating not being able to row with the Olympics so close and meant a lot of time on the stationery bike and a few walks in the mountains. Fortunately we were in a good place for it, based in Aegeri in Switzerland.

Thankfully my injury worries are now behind me and Im back training as normal with only two weeks to go until we start racing in London. it has taken a little while to get back into the rowing movement and find my rhythm again but it is all starting to feel more familiar again now and although I wasn’t in the boat for three weeks, I don’t feel I have lost anything in terms of fitness so hopefully am back on track to achieve my goals in London.


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