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Brno, Czech Republic is where rowing is innovating. In 2019, Prygl Rowing Camps organized the first two Rowing with Data camps for Masters rowers from all over the world. The camps were a great success. In 2020, we are again organizing two camps aimed at Masters rowers who want to improve their technique and boat speed using the most advanced methods.

Camp site, Boat dock in CZ, Brno

Improve your rowing using video, data and live coaching in Brno

The camp is unique because it has a World Class coach who will analyze the participants’ rowing technique, record data and video of their stroke and discuss the relation between the two. At the end of the camp, the participants will take home tools to work on technique and boat speed improvements without needing a coach supervising each session.

After learning to properly set up their boat and discussing the participants’ focus areas based on the coach’s view and video analysis, we equip each boat with the right sensor to give the camp participant direct feedback on their technique. We work with Quiske sensors and Empower Oarlocks, and participants from abroad can rent new or near new Wintech singles, doubles or pairs.

Feedback sensors for participants

Brno is Prygl

The camp takes place on the beautiful Brno reservoir (called “Prygl” in local slang), a 3-kilometer-long lake (power boats are forbidden) that is ideal for technique practice. At the north end of the lake, the river Svratka flows through a beautiful gorge and there is the possibility to extend the row by 6 more kilometers, passing by a medieval castle.

Off the water, we take care of the participants with a delicious lunch buffet, a barbecue party and a visit to one of the local restaurants. Did we mention tasting Moravian wines? The participants stay in the relaxing atmosphere of one of the lake’s resort hotels.

After our July 2020 rowing camp, there is the option to compete at the Czech Masters Open in Trebon, one of the strongest Masters regattas in middle Europe. Our August 2020 camp is ideally timed to prepare for the World Rowing Masters Regatta in nearby Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

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