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Lightening Talks 2010 Podcasts

Early this year Mike Davenport et al. held a symposium of short presentations called ‘Lightening Talks 2010’. The … read more

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Early this year Mike Davenport et al. held a symposium of short presentations called ‘Lightening Talks 2010’. The program was designed to impart valuable knowledge to high school coaches as to serve them with the right information and ideas about rowing. The program introduced guest sports persons where each of them discussed an insightful topic under 15 minutes, sharing their views, opinions and answering queries.

These discussions contain a wealth of information. Therefore we gathered podcasts from the program to share it with you.

Do look out for the biweekly updates on every Mondays and Thursdays from 29th of November, where we will be updating you with four podcasts every week.

This week we will start with the discussions put up by Tracy Davenport and Scott Bramble.

Click on the topic to access the audio.

Organizational Intelligence, Tracy Davenport

Are You Covered (Enough)? Insurance and the Coach, Scott Bramble

Sneak Peek at next posts podcasts.

What Are You About, Steve Kish

Risk Management and Rowing, Bryan Matthews


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