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Les dieux de l’Aviron – Naked Rowing Calendar

The Les dieux de l’Aviron Calendar (Gods of Rowing) is the rowing version of the famous French Rugby … read more

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The Les dieux de l’Aviron Calendar (Gods of Rowing) is the rowing version of the famous French Rugby Dieux de Stade (Gods of the Stadium) calendar.

The Dieux de Stade calendar was originally created to raise money for charity, but has now been credited with the increase in popularity of the French Rugby team, Stade Francais.  It follows in the footsteps of the famous Pirelli calendars.

Photographed annually by Professional Photographers this calendar is known because it features 12 months worth of nude French rugby players.

Les dieux de l’Aviron is French Rowing Club Lyon Caluire’s version of the Dieux de Stade Calendar.

The images for the 2013 Calendar were captured by photographer Brice Leclert and feature 12 months’ worth of naked male rowers.  This is definitely one for the ladies!

The images were captured across the showers, locker room, dock, boathouse, gym and on the water.

If this calendar sounds like your perfect eye candy, then you can find it in the Rowperfect ShopBut get in quick, we only have 10 copies!

Here’s a small preview of what goes into the calendar!

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