Keep your rowing electronics secure in the boathouse


Ready to charge into the new rowing season?  Keep your rowing electronics safe

rowing electronics storage box Cox Box Secure Storage

Rowing electronics are a great bit of kit, but their very nature makes them a constant source of headaches for boathouse crews and coaches. Flat batteries before training sessions and regattas or units going ‘missing’ suspiciously makes keeping track of them a nightmare. The club’s focus should be on the water, not managing the whereabouts of various gadgets.

We recognise clubs need a secure place to store their electronics, and the importance of having them charged and ready to go.

That’s why Space Saver Rowing Systems developed the..

Rowing Electronics Recharging and Security Box

coxbox, secure storage boxCox box storage

Engineered specifically for YOUR expensive rowing electronics.

The Rowing Electronics Recharging and Security Box features:

  • Space to store 10 or 20 Cox Boxes (2 designs) – circular holes for NK CoxBoxes to drop into
  • Store Coxmate or Speedcoach units with additional shelves – flat storage
  • Powder coated steel case, suited to marine environments
  • Combination Code Lock
  • Charging for all units
  • Plugs direct into mains supply

Take the hassle out of your Cox Box rowing electronics management and forget about having to scramble to charge or locate missing devices.

Some clubs we know take the box to regattas on the trailer with them!

Rowperfect just built three of these boxes for clubs in Cambridge.  Bulk discounts are available – please ask.


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