Jimmy Joy – the Two Wholes – mind and body and rowing

Jimmy Joy book Quantum Sculler

Jimmy Joy is the ‘thinking’ coach, focused on mind, body and rowing.  He integrates the psychological with the physical in his thinking and in his coaching.

In November 2017 he presented to the Rowing Coaching Conference in Sarasotsa USA “The Two Wholes / The Two Holes”.  In this slide deck which he has generously shared with Rowperfect readers, he sets out some of his thinking about two different rowing styles.  The classic boatman (Pocock and Fitzpatrick) versus the Modern Orthodoxy.

He leaves the reader to form her own conclusions,

Learn more about Jimmy Joy’s Rowing Philosophy

James C Joy has been writing about rowing topics and publishes some on the Rowperfect Shop Jimmy Joy book Quantum Sculler

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