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Jimmy Joy is a Master Rowing Coach

Jimmy Joy is a master coach.  A master rowing coach is not only absolutely familiar with the techniques … read more

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Jimmy Joy is a master coach.  A master rowing coach is not only absolutely familiar with the techniques of sculling the “how to do it” but also the Mind

David Meggyesy former Linebacker now rower David Meggyesy former Linebacker now rower [image credit:][/caption]from which the sport flows.  Sport, generally speaking, and particularly athletic activities like sculling are potential openings to Source, to the essential rhythms, cycles and unity of the universe and our alignment with it.  Really, how could it be any different, we are not separate from the universe; we are the universe in miniature. This is what “unity consciousness” means.

In many ways Jim’s three books, The Mind’s Eye: The Evolution of the Athletes Skill and Consciousness, Hanlan’s Spirit and his latest book, The Quantum Sculler share, in many ways, a profound message.  All three fold sculling into a much larger perspective than we are familiar with.  Reading Jimmy’s books tells us that sculling really is a demonstration of the deepest rhythms of Reality.  The only thing we need to do is allow ourselves to entertain this idea in our minds eye and then put into practice, as we practice our sport, the perspective and concrete suggestions Jimmy offers.  In short, take a drink of the water.

Over the past few years the application of various consciousness technologies typically called Mindset or Consciousness training has emerged in athletic training.  Although paid lip service to, the reality of the phrase “action follows thought” is now being taken seriously by coaches and athletes.  And a number of approaches have emerged to ‘train to consciousness’ in conjunction with technical training.  What is going on between the athletes’ ears is now being seen as essential to producing superior performance and greater enjoyment in sport.  Indeed athletes and coaches are copping to the fact that there is a spiritual dimension to sport, that incidentally, does produce superior performance.  And there are now consciousness practices athletes and coaches can use to develop this awareness.

Jimmy Joy is one of our pioneers in this regard.  I strongly recommend all of Jimmy Joy’s books.  As we used to say in the day, unchain your brain and unleash your Mind, you may be open to a big surprise.

—  David Meggyesy is a former NFL linebacker and author of Out of Their League, his football autobiography.  David is a recreational sculler and has been coached by Jimmy Joy.  See,

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