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7 iPhone Apps for Rowers

Are you using your iPhone for rowing yet?  Rowperfect has put together a list of useful apple apps … read more

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Are you using your iPhone for rowing yet?  Rowperfect has put together a list of useful apple apps for rowers, some free, some paid for, and all about stroke.

1. Ritmo Time Stroke Monitor (free)  is an on-the-water training tool that any rower or paddler can use to get instant stroke rate, speed and distance feedback during water workouts. RitmoTime harnesses the advanced computing power and portability of the iPhone to become the ultimate in water sport training devices.

2. Ritmo Time Stroke Monitor (paid for) With every stroke you take, RitmoTime will display and record:

  • Stroke Rate
  • Heart Rate*
  • Speed*
  • Time (Total & Pieces)
  • Distance (Total & Pieces)*
  • Stroke Count (Total and Pieces)
  • Average Speed*
  • GPS Location (recorded only)*

In addition, RitmoTime will map your entire workout and display recorded data for each and every stroke.

3. Row Zone Primarily for coxswains – The stop watch lets you time several competitors at once. The results are automatically saved in a screen capture ready for you to share and analyze later.  Seating Assignment will let you put together your boat and share with others. You can select boat type, enter rowers, coxswains and boats names in the text boxes. Save seating assignments and edit for current or later events and/or share with through the ‘share’ button.

4. Rowing SPM is a free rowing strokes per minute (SPM) counter.  Simply tap the ‘Stroke’ button and the app will calculate the current stroke rate and also the average stroke rate for the last 5 and 10 strokes.

5. SpeedCoach Mobile works like a regular NK SpeedCoach but without wires, impellers or magnets! All you need is your iPhone or iPod touch and a waterproof case! Real-time data, fully programmable workouts, and flexible storage and export of all of your workout data!

6. Stroke-Coach is a simple tool designed for athletes, coaches and spectators of rowing.  It calculates the stroke rate and average stroke rate as well as the total number of strokes and displays it in a simple bold format to allow you to see how your crew is performing.  The Stroke-Coach will vibrate every time the large button is pressed to let you keep your eyes on the boat!

7. StrokeRate is a stroke rate watch for rowers and paddlers. Take stroke rate by tapping anywhere on the screen. In addition to stroke rate features, it provides a stopwatch with lap times provided for review. The stopwatch even displays the delta between lap times for comparing distance intervals.


One thought on “7 iPhone Apps for Rowers

  1. Quote: “We had a discussion with the Ritmo Time people and it appears that although their app was written to work with RP3 the manufacturer, Jan Lammers is refusing to sell the physical plug in that enables a phone and the RP to communicate.

    Seems they have had a professional falling out.”

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