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I’m considering buying a rowing GPS

I’m considering buying a Coxmate GPS, but firstly could you answer a few questions? 1. What is the … read more

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I’m considering buying a Coxmate GPS, but firstly could you answer a few questions?

1. What is the measurable range of stroke rates? NK and ActiveTools versions measure 6-99 spm or 15-55 spm. How does the Coxmate GPS compare?

2. How heavy is the device? Your website says 350g but the downloadable Coxmate GPS brochure says it’s only 116g?

3. Is there any choice in how you stop a timed piece? E.g. if you’re doing a 20 min piece from an auto start – and for some reason you have to stop temporarily during the piece (perhaps to avoid another crew) will the timing stop too and start again from 0.00, or will it continue from where you were in the piece once you restart rowing? I wouldn’t want to have to restart a piece over again from the beginning, but carry on from where we stopped.

4. The website says there are two models: Coxmate GPS and Coxmate GPS-HR. I note the Coxmate GPS (no heart rate version) retails at AUD 280 (=c.£172), while the Coxmate GPS-HR is AUD 340 (=c.£208), while a package of the Coxmate GPS-HR with a chest strap is AUD 390 (=c.£239).  I deduce that the version you are offering at £200 must be the GPS-HR as you can add a chest strap to have the HR functionality. I have no need for heart rate monitoring. Please could you advise your cost for a ‘no heart rate’ Coxmate GPS version? Can I assume you would do this for something in the region of £170?

1. I have seen 5-85spm actually rowing in the boat and over 200spm when manipulating it by hand.  I can’t rate higher than 85 in the boat!  The sensitivity will vary the range and it has been designed to be used with all sorts of water craft including kayaks that obviously have a much higher cadence than rowing

2.  The weight on our shop is for shipping purposes and includes all the packaging and the mount.  It’s also rounded up because Royal Mail has weight bands for shipping.

3. There is an auto stop function on the unit that will stop at a user selected interval from cessation.  However once it has stopped if you hit run again it will rest to the original piece duration.  You could simply deduct the time lapsed in the short term and I will refer this to our software engineer to see if we can identify a solution – some people would prefer to have the unit function as it does but I can see the merit in this option

4.  Rowperfect only sells the heart rate version.  If you want the non-HR version please buy it from Coxmate direct.  It is an end-of-line version and is no longer manufactured.

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