How to use the carbon rigger pitch gauge

pitch gaugeThanks to Douglas Ferro for pointing out that we don't have a "how to" guide for customers who buy the pitch gauge for carbon riggers (its the one in the centre of the photo above and it now has two spirit levels not just one).

And also thanks to Paul Willis of Filippi UK who wrote this for you all.

For Filippis and Empachers

1. Secure boat both side to side and end to end
2. You might like to put another level across the boat to ensure that the lateral position does not move
3. Set up the bubbles to zero for both lateral and horizontal pitch on the boat (usually deck for lateral and keel for horizontal)
4. Carefully move the pitch gauge over the gate / pin on one side and clamp the locating pins on the pin gauge onto the small holes drilled in the top and bottom of the bolts holding the pin in place
5. Set the required measurements adjusting the pin (usually this is zero for both or 1 degree lateral and zero degree horizontal)
6. Tight the pin in place and repeat for the other gate

One thought on “How to use the carbon rigger pitch gauge

  1. Ed says:

    It’s very hard to move the assembly even with the screw very loose. Seems like it’s missing a plastic washer inside, which is what I installed to allow it to move and adjust over the pin.

    No real way to adjust for anything but zero degrees, unless you use a separate pitch gauge with degree settings. Other than going for the bubble to be at one end and assuming it’s approximately 1 degree.

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