How I used Coxmate GPS to win my first sculling race

David Hudson is known to many of you as the man behind the phone at Rowperfect.  He told me about his first race using the Coxmate GPS. Amazingly, Dave has never won a race in a 1x before in his long rowing career!

I know the distance of the course – Weybridge Silver Sculls.

With the Coxmate GPS the stream doesn’t affect the distance.

I decided I needed to do a split of 2:30 or better to get my target time of 16 minutes.

The course is 3,300 meters long.  And so I divided one into the other and found the split time I wanted.

Then I just ensured I kept it under that split.

It worked and I won the Vet H1x

My first win ever in a single!

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