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How do you schedule boat usage in your club?

Back in 2010, we suggested several options for organising boat usage (read the original article here). In the … read more

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Back in 2010, we suggested several options for organising boat usage (read the original article here).

In the interests of keeping information up to date, we feel it’s time that list was reviewed. Below is the list of previous software options that continue to work well, along with a few new ones that caught our eye.

5 boat booking software services for rowing clubs

Schedule It
scheduleit Schedule It, available on desktop and mobile

A free trial version is available to test out before committing to a full purchase. Generally however, payment is required to have continual access to the features. Schedule It desktop access can be purchased from £65 per year, per license and online access can be purchased from £5 per month (read only), per license (discounts are available for multiple license purchases).  As before, Schedule It requires having a desktop host in order to connect with the cloud based versions. Limits of units available for booking are dependent on which version is purchased.


Last updated in June 2014, MRBS is still free to download and use. It is based entirely online and offers a range of access levels, including read only, user and admin.

Booking System

Another free programme, Booking System offers access to an unlimited number of users – all able to log on remotely. Booking System features an unlimited number of units available to be booked. Users have full access to create and change their own bookings as well as view other user’s bookings. Bookings can be scheduled to repeat and additional fields can be added depending on how you choose to manage your system.

Sports Notice Board

Available in both free (ad supported) and billed versions, SNB allows control over, boat and crew bookings , from mobile and desktop locations. A complete breakdown of who, when and what makes keeping track of activity a breeze.

Norwich Rowing Club in UK uses it – here’s their announcement.

BoatCloud – ClubHub
clubhub BoatCloud – ClubHub

ClubHub was designed specifically for boats and as a result, is perhaps the easiest to use. The user interface is clean and incredibly simple. It offers the greatest level of detail regarding boat information, including real time booking updates and additional club information – such as member details. Locations of use, boat types and other variables can be customised by the administrator. Once settings have been configured, administrator input is minimal. Like the other software packages mentioned, ClubHub is entirely web-based and is compatible on desktop and mobile devices.

We’re constantly looking out for the latest and greatest tools to use. If you or your club use something we haven’t listed above, we’d love to hear about it!

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

9 thoughts on “How do you schedule boat usage in your club?

  1. We have used SNB for two years or so and it is ideal. Easily accessed online and by mobile app, it is simple to use and effective. We don’t use all the facilities but the boat booking elements are reliable , quick and intuitive to use. It has helps our club (200 members and 30 boats) ensure that boats are used effectively, and members can accurately plan their outings. Thoroughly recommended.

  2. We are a sailing club and have used SNB now for two years. We use SNB for members to book out rescue boats and sailing dinghy’s for their private use as well as for our club house bookings when used for private functions. The website is simple to use and has continued to develop over this period. SNB is now an integral part of our club operations and has allowed us to easily manage our 15 bookable resources. I would highly recommend SNB to any club who has boat booking needs.

  3. Just putting in another vote for the Sports Notice Board system. Our rowing club uses it to book and allocate all of our sculls and coaching boats. It’s flexible and allows us to have some boats only bookable with permission so only approved people can book high value boats. It’s certainly prevented a lot of arguments in our club.

    Adam Ramshaw
    Glebe Rowing Club

  4. We have used Sports Noticeboard for several years now at Mosman Rowing Club in Australia. An excellent system. works very well, simple, user friendly and very good. Well worth the investment. Roc.

  5. We’ve been using Sports Notice Board for a couple months now very successfully at our rowing club. It’s perfect for allowing people to look from home at boat weights, who can use a particular boat, what boats are free, and any special instructions. Because people can self-serve there are no complaints that the Boat Booking Officer hasn’t gotten back to them to confirm a booking request. For our top level boats the system is set to send an automatic email to the Boat Booking Officer so they have the chance to check the crew make up if they wish. We also set the system to only allow bookings made at least 10 hours in advance of the session. One of the best features is that people can have a regular booking for the same boat every week but if they know they’ll be away for a week they can cancel just that session – freeing the boat up for others to use.

    Townsville & JCU Rowing Club

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