Help wanted: fixed seat rowing expert

We got a question from a reader:

English: The photographer (Tom Corser) is cred...
Brisons, Cape Cornwall Pilot Gig Club’s boat returning from a race at Falmouth. Photo taken by Tom Corser’s camera. Tom is rowing in the bow of the boat so couldn’t have taken the picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” I would like to hear more about drills and exercises for the fixed-seat rowing community.”

Does anyone know a coach or fixed seat rowing expert who could write a blog post to help this reader?

Get in touch please

One thought on “Help wanted: fixed seat rowing expert

  1. mark turner says:

    I too would like some advise on fixed seat rowing technique , training excercises , and egro application for fixed seat rowers.
    at present we only seem to have very basic guidance that’s a few years old . . what about using over hand grip compared to over / under hand grip . . seat and stretcher positions being optimised. . number 1 tossing oars and lots of other stuff . . surely there must be some resource for this stuff some place..
    ive noticed this post before so I assume that no one has yet come forward . . but with the still rapidly growing pass time of racing pilot gigs there must be some a knowledge base out there…?..

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