Help us clear the decks – 10% discounts

Rowperfect is doing the annual stock clearance. And frankly, it’s a pain.

To make the whole job go away we’ve decided to encourage you to help us by buying all our remaining stock. When the shelves are bare, we’ll go and count up the inventory.

Help save Dave Hudson’s time and sell out his stock.

Rowperfect is having a sale.

From 9 October until Sunday 13th October we are offering you 10% off all our stock. Including ex-demo stock.

Some of the savings we’re offering:

Coxmate SRT (comparable to a NK Cox Box) £475.00 £427.50

Coxmate SX with GPS £505.00 £454.50

Stampfli Grips £16.00 £14.40 a pair

Coaches Spanners, set of 3 £19.99 £17.99

And the discount also applies to ex demo stock

Ex-Demo long bar RP3 Rowperfect £1,750 £1,575.00

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