How to get balance in a single scull

A reader asks this question:

How to get balance in a single scull?

This  is a common question and the quick answer is.  To balance a single scull you must have these two things:

Sculling hand positions , rowing, crew
Sculling hand grip when oars are not in water. Photo credit:
  1. you must be comfortable in the boat.  This means relaxation and not reacting when the boat tips to one side
  2. you need skill handling the oars so that you can consistently reproduce identical strokes with handles at the correct heights and depths through the stroke cycle

These two are not easy to achieve and the best way to learn them is to do skill drills and exercises.  

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Do share these with your coach so you can get an “outside eye” to check you are doing the drills correctly – preferably get a video of yourself so you can see what you do compared to what you think you are doing!

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