Free Prize Draw with Rowing & Regatta Magazine

Each month the "Image Conscious" section of the Rowing and REgatta Magazine where readers send in their photographs for publication has a prize for the Editor's choice of the best image.

 In October, the prize has been donated by Rowperfect and the Editor’s pick winner will receive a pair of Magik Rowing Oarlocks

The Magik Oarlock is designed to reduce the ‘slippage’ between the oar and the gate so that your rowing becomes more efficient.  Its unique lever arm holds tension onto the oar holding it closely against the pin.  The tension elastic band is available in hard, medium and soft bands (all supplied).  All Magik gates use standard metric pitching inserts.  These gates have been used by Gold medal winners at the World Championships (New Zealand M2- Gold 2005, Germany M8+ Gold 2006).  

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