FREE giveaway: Do you listen to music while you Erg?

Rowperfect supported a Indiegogo project to develop handy headphone attachments to prevent them sliding off while you erg.

The Snap Strap

Headphone Snap Strap
Headphone Snap Strap

We have got five pairs to give away to Rowperfect readers.  They are all royal blue strap with silver coloured snap ends.

Contact us with your postal address and tell us why you deserve a pair!

From the pictures below, you can see how to attach the snap straps correctly onto your earphones.

Snap 1snap 2snap 3snap 4

6 thoughts on “FREE giveaway: Do you listen to music while you Erg?

  1. Erin Ross says:

    I deserve to try this awesome strap because:
    1) I have severe ADHD and if I don’t listen to music while erging, I lose focus, lose technique, and hurt my back–ouch! ; need headphone help-blue tooth headphones look douchey.

    2) I would much rather be on the water, but erging on sliders with music helps me keep rhythm;

    3) If these are awesome, I will be happy to tell my team, the Spokane River Rowing Association about them and spread the word!


  2. Steven Thatcher says:

    These headphones would help me listen to my music trouble free whilst spending hours on the Erg shedding pounds from my fat backside so I can fit in a boat again next season!
    I need all the help I can get!

  3. Valerie Gorman says:

    NB Elijah Langford Moorings Langford Lane Kidlington OX5 1HT. We can’t use a music system with a speaker in our gym because we don’t have a broadcasting license (nope, I’m not joking -college regs) so we only can use headphones. I’ve never been able to find a suitBle way to keep them on so I erg in silence. Love to change that!

  4. Water Rat says:

    Use wireless headphones and a RowPrefect.
    Job done.
    Also stops iPod dying due to sweat penetration.
    Only took 3 Ipods to figure this out.

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