Frank Biller – using tools to monitor boat speed

Land speed is not equal to water speed because of current, therefore compare shell versus water speeds.  The boat sits and moves with the water regardless.

How to measure speed

  1. use a stop watch on a marked course and flat water
  2. GPS – convenient but remember this is land speed not water speed
  3. Impeller and speed meter in the boat

Training monitoring

  • stroke rate and speed data
  • heart rate and speed
  • set target splits / wattages
  • note wind speeds
  • athletes are responsible for split and quality of their rowing

Wind effect

  • measure wind speed and direction
  • measure the same way every time for accurate comparison
  • similar conditions give better comparisons

The NK speed coach only has 1500 measureing points per meter for 1500 meters. You can't get a full race data out of a speed coach.

You can use speed measuring equipment to assess your boa, rigging and oars and compare them to other makes.

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