Fairbairn On Rowing endorsed by Marlene Royle

Peter Mallory sent us this lovely email he received from Marlene Royle. She’s a top professional coach who trains in the USA and writes for Rowing News magazine.

Thanks for your email about Fairbairn Kindle version. Already bought it. I was thrilled to see this. I have an original copy of the hardcover. In 2007 I wrote to the publishing house asking about the rights and if there was a way to get it back in print but never got an answer so seeing it in Kindle version was a pleasant surprise and you had success.

FYI on the Canadian Amazon the hardcover new is selling for $3,700 and used for $2,000; so quite a valuable book- but I’d never part with mine!

Thanks for all you do, M.

Marlene Royle, Rowing Coach
Roylerow Performance Training Programs

Get your Kindle edition of Fairbairn’s On Rowing from all Amazon stores.  We will be releasing a pdf version later this year for sale on the RP shop.

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