Empowering women through rowing

The American Dream of achievement for all is a compelling vision. Using rowing as part of a programme to help disadvantaged young women becomes an inspiring story.

Empowering Woman

Here’s a great video from a few years ago. It’s about a group of disadvantaged schoolgirls in New York City being both tutored for their school studies and taught to row in a special programme.

Work plus sport = success

The combination of a structured environment that both exercises the body and the mind seems to be a clear tool for success.

Row New York: is a sharity working with rowing and academic studies. It has successfully placed students into universities on rowing scholarships as well as refocused individuals onto their education. Their home lives were disrupted or unsupportive.

Browsing their site it’s clear they also offer veteran/masters groups, learn to row and holiday courses. They are not just focused on young people. They are empowering women and men, adults and kids.  Watch the video here.

Do you know of any other courses or programmes that have helped turn round lives where rowing has played a part?  There are inspiring individual stories such as Sara Hall who learns to scull while escaping an abusive marriage. Drawn to the Rhythm: A Passionate Life Reclaimed.

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