Do you want us to continue stocking Magik Oarlocks?

Hello everyone – time for some customer feedback. Rowperfect has been selling the MK1 Magik oarlocks for five years – we just ran out of the sculling model and would like your input. [note we still have the sweep MK1 in stock and the pitching inserts]New Magik Oarlock Evolution

Should we re-stock?  We have to buy 48 pairs….

Should we discontinue?  Customers can still buy from the manufacturer in Australia (a bit more pricey given AU$ exchange rates)

Let us know.

P.S. We have demo pairs for you to try out if you’d like a go.

One thought on “Do you want us to continue stocking Magik Oarlocks?

  1. Steve D says:

    Got several pairs . Only issue over the years is the locking mechanism. 😉 otherwise.
    Think there must be a gap in the market for a gate with the squaring mechanism and a conventional locking mechanism!

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