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More discussion on the Death of Club Rowing Worldwide

Clearly the debate on our article by Richard Philips about the Death of Club Rowing in UK resonates … read more

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Clearly the debate on our article by Richard Philips about the Death of Club Rowing in UK resonates around the world.

From Australia we got this response by Stuart Harrison from South Australia.
Interesting article from Richard.

We have a similar problem here. A group of ‘chosen’ beginner non rowers who have the best boats, supposedly the best full time coaches and all the money in the world thrown at them to go on to be our next top elite rowers. You never see them at a rowing club. You might see them at an odd regatta but no-one knows them to talk to.

Novice rowing has been dead here for years too. The ‘powers that be’ wonder why the club walk-ins and learner Masters don’t last long.  Richard explains it much better then I could.  We now have a few regattas at the end of the season that have a novice event. Some of the country clubs have some very nice trophies for novice events.

At a regatta a few weeks ago the club had just such a trophy for a novice four.  AND they actually had a novice four event too. The cup was never presented. A golden moment for the learners to win something unique and give them a little more incentive to keep rowing was missed. I only know about the trophy as I won it as a coxswain and novice rower myself with a crewmate fellow apprentice that went on to be an Olympian some 30 years ago.

Well done on winning some dog tags at the World Masters. Very impressive.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

2 thoughts on “More discussion on the Death of Club Rowing Worldwide

  1. I’m sorry Rebecca and Stuart, bit Richard Philips is full of horse and his article regarding the needs of rowing comes from a very false place.

    London Rowing Club do not support beginners or novices. People leave due to this and they have a high turnover of women because every year women join and every year they are unsupported. I would like an article written about this from a club which actively supports and engages with all groups of rowers; men, women, juniors, and from novice to elite across all age groups.

    London Rowing Club only supports elite men.

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