Dead heats at Henley

I was witness to the dead heat between Seeclub Zurich and Molesey – I thought Seeclub had won (though I was nowhere near square off the finish line to see) as they put in a magnificent sprint of high rating strokes towards the end and they stopped rowing first.

But the Stewards ruled a photo finish dead heat and a re-row will happen tomorrow morning.  This means the winner will have to race twice in one day as the normal schedule of racing is one race per day.  Hope the head wind drops because that was a very long race.

Read Row2k race report for more .  Or the Telegraph.

Other dead heats

I did a bit of research as this intrigued me as to when others had happened at Henley and found this lovely photo on the Quintin Boat Club site of a Thames Cup dead heat in 1954.

Dead heat at Henley Royal Regatta 1954
Dead heat at Henley Royal Regatta 1954 [Photo credit]

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