Day 1 at Henley

Wednesday at Henley is fun. It's a full day of racing, with 80 planned at 10 minute intervals throughout the day. It's quieter than the weekend, but still comfortably busy, especially with parents of all the school crews.

My own plan failed today, I was expecting to be able to get some video but never managed it. One complication is spending time in Stewards which has a complete phobia about mobile phones.

Henley Regatta

So I can wander round the enclosure with a huge DSLR ot a video camera, but it looks like I can't use the same functions on the tiny phone. Although when being used as a camera, it looks nothing like the phone.

Few of the races I saw today were close. The regatta publishes a daily list of crews to watch, but few had any serious action today, the ones I saw getting ahead and staying there comfortably. That included this TSS crew in the Thames, who had had to cover one of their sponsors logos, after it had been decided that sponsorship from a 'adult' club was not to shown.

Henley Regatta

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