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New Wooden Rowing Models to Add to Your Décor

Is your décor lacking something special?  Could that be because your home/office requires a touch of rowing whimsy? … read more

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Is your décor lacking something special?  Could that be because your home/office requires a touch of rowing whimsy? Fret not. We have two new items in our shop to add just the right amount of pizazz to your surroundings. Equip yourself with the new…

Model Wooden Rowing Crew

Newly added to the Rowperfect shop you’ll find two handsome rowing crew models: a coxed 8 and a coxless 4. Made from wood and a bit of resin, they are all set to decorate your desk at work, your mantel or to be mounted on the wall!

Customisable Wooden Coxless 4 Rowing Crew Model

At 37 cm long (14.5 inches), the Wooden Coxless 4 Rowing Team makes a great gift to a fellow rower or rowing friend.

Customisable Wooden Coxed 8 Rowing Crew Model

Approximately 61 cm (2 ft) of adorable art/décor. You can practically hear the coxswain shouting.

The boats and the rowers’ colours are fully customisable, too!

Want the boat and/or rowers in your team colours? You can have it. The colours are totally customisable to match your club shirt colours.

If you love rowing, or know someone who does, the Customisable Wooden Coxed 8 Rowing Model will make a great decoration to show off your passion for the sport.


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