Coxswains resources page

Our friends at Coxmate have created the place to go online for everything coxing.  They recently have added a ‘Resources for Coxswains‘ page to their website – full of useful things for coxes gathered from around the internet.  Included is our own remote coaching service through email or skype with Raf Wyatt for rowers, coaches and coxswains.

On this page you’ll find:

  • Forums where you can talk Cox-speak
  • Books and ebooks about coxing
  • Bloggers and Twitter users who cox
  • Coxing articles
  • Audio recordings by coxes during races and training practice
  • Coaching for coxswain skills

Because as they say, coxing is a lonely role.  Now coxswains have a place to find support and tools to progress their technique or just have a laugh with others who know ‘cox-speak’.

You can also visit their news page for weekly blog posts all about coxing.

For coxswains that want to up your game, check out the Coxmate page on Rowperfect.


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