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Countdown to the World Rowing Championships

The 2011 World Rowing Championships are being held on beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenia.  This is possibly the … read more

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Lake Bled sunrise

The 2011 World Rowing Championships are being held on beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenia.  This is possibly the prettiest rowing course in the world with its famous island and Bled Castle 500m from the finish line.  There’s a Facebook page for the regatta.

In order to give you a wide range of sources to read about different crews and national teams’ preparations for racing, Rowperfect has pulled together a list of rowing bloggers from around the world.  We have done this before during the Beijing Olympics and it’s certainly interesting to see rival crews in the same event writing about how they are preparing to vie for

Rowers blogging about their preparation:

C’mon you poms, where are your writing skills?  Any more blogs out there?

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to the World Rowing Championships

  1. Please get your facts correct. Bled castle is not 500m from the finish line. The course basically runs across the centre of the lake. The starting pontoons are attached to the bank at the town end of the course and the castle offers a spectacular vantage point, overlooking the course at approximately 500m from the start. The picturesque island, with it’s fairly close proximity to lane 1, is 500m from the finish, on the opposite side of the course from the boating enclosure. From 250m out from the finish, the course narrows into a spectator caldron, because of a protruding headland on the island side. Once across the finish, the boats can drift into the reed beds, since there is only just enough room on the lake to take the 2000m course; extremely similar to the course at Banyoles in Spain. I have extremely fond memories of this course and lane 2 from 1979. A gold medal for GB!

    1. Colin, I stand corrected. You were a very early lightweight in 1979 – are you having a lightweight four gold medal reunion? And naturally we areboth hoping the current GB lwt 4 also wins as a consequence of knowing the course layout correctly!

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