Calling Masters who will race in Bled

Sander Roosendaal writes on the Masters Rowing International Group:

Would anyone be interested in meeting up at Bled WRMR and learn about using data to row faster?

If enough people were interested, I could see what we could set up. Just an idea right now.

Please reply in the comments below

16 thoughts on “Calling Masters who will race in Bled

    • Sander says:

      What i intend to cover is
      1. How tracking all training strokes helps to make you faster
      2. Run through example of how I track my own rowing, showing the tools you need
      3. Review of metrics you can track and what they tell about your rowing

      Once the draw for Bled is out, I will pick a time and arrange a meeting room, if there’s enough interest

  1. Claudine says:

    Absolutely, great idea. My rowing partner and I use a couple smartphone apps at the moment but would like to make best use of them and understand better the meaning of all the possible metrics and how to use the data to make improvements in the boat. Thanks.

  2. Jan Weitzenböck says:

    I will also be in Bled and would very interested in taking part in such a meeting. I am still a novice having only just started using apps and heart rate belts.

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Jan – the response has been brilliant and we’ll let you know when we manage to find a room to host the meetup.

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