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Book Prize Draw: God on a Bicycle

God on a Bicycle is the latest thriller book by Ian O’Malley, which tells the story of a young … read more

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God on a Bicycle

God on a Bicycle is the latest thriller book by Ian O’Malley, which tells the story of a young man whose life spirals out of control following a rowing accident. We here at Rowperfect are lucky enough to have a copy of God on a Bicycle to give away to our readers on the 1st of February. You can win the prize by

Entering the Prize Draw here!

Evan O’Gorman is a young, Irish rower, coached by a father who is tormented by grief and an obsession with qualification for the Olympics. When Evan’s oar hits a dead horse in the River Liffey, it starts an irresistible chain of events that carries him from rowing defeat, through the psychological devastation of a breakup, to exile in Barcelona. Evan’s search for the daughter of a Basque terrorist draws him into the sphere of a psychopathic killer and ultimately leads to a flight for his life, a World Championships and a thrilling conclusion on a lake in the north of Spain.”

Rowperfect is looking for eager readers who would like to provide a review! If you want to do so you can find a discounted eBook copy at, and in print from the Amazon store.

Remember – you’ve only a few days to enter.


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