Beginners rowing sequences on your Erg.

The web and social media are full of ergo meter sessions. Many private rowers, coaches and other professionals are trying to invite us to join their network and share exercises via Zoom, Skype or other video media. Most of it is for rowing athletes or experienced rowers only.




What about those who are new to the erg?

Beginners, check your rowing sequence. Rowperfect and Susan* from Fluid Fitness have put out a few video exercises for beginners and fitness rowers. They start very easy. At the beginning.

Leg Body Arms

Have a look at this video. It explains the rowing sequence on your ergo meter. If you are not familiar with the sequences of the rowing stroke, this is the video to watch.

This video is very helpful for rowing beginners and for those who would like to start training on an indoor rowing machine. Susan from Fluid Fitness and Rowperfect are demonstrating in this video the sequences of the rowing stroke on your erg. Arms, Body, Legs — Legs, Body, Arms. From Catch to Finish, from the finish to the catch.

*Susan is a professional rowing coach, a personal trainer and coach since many years and runs her own Fitness Studio Fluid Fitness

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