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Athletes’ Top Equipment – ROWTEX Rowing Gloves

Faster and better performance on the water can be achieved firstly and most importantly by continuous training. Optimal … read more

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Faster and better performance on the water can be achieved firstly and most importantly by continuous training. Optimal equipment can be very decisive during hours of hard work out. Martin and Tobias from ROWTEX were former elite rowers in the Austrian Rowing Team. Each year they had to row thousands of kilometers to make it to the World Championships.

Like many of their crewmates, they had to cope with painful blisters. Especially at the beginning of the season. After moving from the erg to the water, changing from the double sculls to the four, from wooden to hard-plastic grips – all these things created hand blisters. During an intense week of training in February, Tobias counted a total of 23 blisters (not kidding!). They were on both hands – a real nightmare!

Rowing blistered hands Blistered hands from rowing

Besides, they were tired of taping hands and fingers, therefore it was time for them to start developing rowing gloves. Well aware of the challenges and with a critical yet positive attitude, they focused on the most important factor: to protect hands from blisters without losing feeling.

In consequence, they started ROWTEX and developed the first rowing gloves. Now, they offer three different glove designs with more rowing gear in the pipeline for the future.

Rowtex Rowing Gloves are available in three models:

PRO: Our all-rounder glove PRO with extra padding on sensitive spots, curved shape and mesh material on the back for perfect circulation and breathability, is an excellent training partner for rowers who are looking for proper protection.

ELITE: For athletes who do not want to feel any fabric between their palms and the grips, they designed the ELITE glove with a thin layer of Clarino for maximum feeling and breathability. A technical-print on the back of the hand makes the perfect fit – just like a second skin.

ICE: Rowers are tough adventure folks and row even throughout the cold season. For this occasion, the ICE is the perfect glove. With all the basic functionalities of the PRO, the ICE comes with a wind stopper material on the back of the hands that keeps you warm even in winter.

ROWTEX rowing gloves have been on rowing trips all around the world. They proved themselves as very reliable equipment when rowing across the Atlantic Ocean or over 2,000 km on the Murray River in Australia as well as for coastal rowing in rough Scandinavia. In addition, elite rowers of various national teams have confirmed their effectiveness.

Visit the Rowperfect shop and do not hesitate to contact us. Stay tuned for more ROWTEX equipment to come.

Rowtex ICE Rowtex ICE

Rowtex ICE Rowtex Elite

Pro - cheapest winter rowing glove Pro – the basic rowing glove

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