A History of World Rowing by Peter Mallory 4

To the readers of www.Rowperfect.co.uk

This is the fourth installment on www.Rowperfect.co.uk of the latest draft of the beginning of my coming new book. Many thanks again to Rebecca Caroe for making this possible.

Details about me and my book project are available at www.rowingevolution.com. For six years I have been researching and writing a four volume comprehensive history of the sport of rowing with particular emphasis on the evolution of technique. In these last months before publication, I am inviting all of you visitors to the British Rowperfect website to review the near-final draft. Your comments, suggestions, corrections, agreements, disagreements, additional sources and illustrations, etc. will be an essential contribution to what has always been intended to be a joint project of the rowing community.

All my contact info is at my website.I hope to be at the FISA Coaches’ Conference in London in January. Or you can email me anytime at pmallory@rowingevolution.com.

For a short time you can still access the first and second installments. Additional chapters for your review will continue to appear at regular intervals on www.Rowperfect.co.uk. As you would expect, the first part of the book deals with rowing in England where the sport began, and that has presented a special challenge for me, a colonial writing at a distance of 8,000 miles from the Mother Country. That is why your various perspectives will make such a difference, so let me thank you all again for your contributions to this book project.

There is one thing I have been looking for that I have not located. Does a portrait of Arthur Shadwell exist? If so, could someone tell me from whom I might obtain a high-resolution scan? Many thanks.

This section includes the next 5 chapters from Volume 1 Part III

Part III The Birth of Classical Technique

9. The Developing Sport of Professional Sculling

10. The Sliding Seat Comes of Age

11. Ned Hanlan’s Career

12. Thames Waterman’s Stroke

13. Classical Rowing Technique

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