2 key ways to make your boat go faster

Water Skiing - Rowing

How to go faster

Two things that make your blade work hard every stroke to generate more speed:

  1. A longer length of stroke, meaning having the blade in the water doing a longer sector/arc or a longer stroke.
  2. A blade that is more connected to the water, meaning that the blade will hold the water better. That will be achieved by the combination of better use of my levers and a better feel for the water.

Here’s how to set up your session

Get the rower to sit on the RP3 rowing machine and row for 5 minutes.
After that, position the rower’s body better by explaining posture and showing them “hands on”, moving them to change their body position and posture.  Mostly this is getting the catch posture strong [shins vertical, strong core, straight back and arms not over-exended] and ensuring the rock-over at the finish brings the shoulders forward of the hips early in the recovery.

On the screen of the computer software set it to show:

  • The power curve,
  • Length of the stroke
  • Joules per stroke.

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