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#whatshouldrowerscallme: 41 reasons to date a rower

41 reasons to date a rower With #whatshouldrowerscallme on their blog, go check them out! We are ALWAYS … read more

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41 reasons to date a rower

With #whatshouldrowerscallme on their blog, go check them out!

  1. We are ALWAYS nearly naked
  2. No matter how tired we are we always keep on going
  3. We’ve had tons of training to get this good
  4. We have excellent endurance and stamina
  5. We are ready to go at 6am
  6. We’re not afraid to get wet
  7. We set speed records while maintaining good form
  8. We listen to our cox and go on command
  9. Our stroke is never off
  10. Power Hour isn’t just for erging
  11. We don’t have crabs.
  12. Half of us are “Portly” and “heavyweights” but we’re all sexy.
  13. We can “erg” it all night.
  14. We can do it by ourselves, or with another, or 4, even 8 other people at the same time — now thats impressive.
  15. We always “bring up the rate” when we are about to finish.
  16. If we’re told to ‘push’ ‘squeeze’ or ‘hold’ we do it at the drop of a hat
  17. Your oar can only give you crabs from the chest up
  18. Two words. cox box.
  19. Female rowers can do up to three head races in a day, and win them all
  20. Our technique never dies during the last sprint
  21. When the cox calls a power 10 or 20, we rip everything up and just go pretty much ape shit
  22. You have someone coaching you through the whole thing (coxie), telling you if you’re doing something wrong and how to correct it
  23. We can row with minors
  24. We all stay in time, in accordance to our cox
  25. Go in hard, come out wet
  26. We keep going hard even when the temperature’s below freezing!
  27. We can undress with one hand
  28. “We start cold and dry and finish wet and warm”
  29. When a women tells a rower what to do, he’ll do it without questioning
  30. We make great faces as we go about our business
  31. Scullers: we do two at a time.
  32. Also Rowers are usually at home wearing rediculously tight lycra and spandex type outfits on a regular basis… and not being shamed!!!
  33. We’re always stretched out and ready to go
  34. We think nothing of a two hour session!
  35. Rowers drive their long hard shafts through a deep wet abyss with amazing intensity at the call of a small, usually very attractive woman….again and again and again…..
  36. We can go multiple times a day, even if we are extremely exhausted.
  37. We can organize 8 uniform insertions…im impressed
  38. We can go while the suns going down and do it again while the sun comesup
  39. We do bursts when we feel it is necessary and we take it up at the end
  40. We start hard and fast, then settle into a great rythem that we can hold for TIME!
  41. We sometimes do it for 24hours at a time for fun or charity!

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