What to wear when starting out rowing

Rowing In Jeans

What to wear when you’re getting into rowing…

You don’t need to buy rowing specific clothing yet. Base layers or fairly tight fitting tops are best as they won’t get caught up in the oar handle. Tracksuit trousers (as long as they’re not too loose fitting) will be fine. Leggings are ideal or rugby shorts will work well. Anything too loose will catch in the seat and slides. Although rowing should be one of the dryer watersports a splashproof jacket is a good idea (not too baggy). You won’t be doing much physical work in your first session so wear clothes which will keep you warm. If your boat club is on a river you may have to wade in to get in the boat, so wellies may be a good idea.

Enjoy yourself and don’t worry if you don’t pick it up straight away. Most people take a few months to learn to row.

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