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What are the software options for Rowperfect?

We got an enquiry about the range of options available for Rowperfect users who want to get data from their training sessions.

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We got an enquiry about the range of options available for Rowperfect users who want to get data from their training sessions. This come came from a large university club in the Thames Valley in the UK.

We currently have three rowperfects, we are interested in purchasing the software for them. One of the row perfects was connected to a computer (in DOS-mode) but the computer is ancient and has finally broken. Could you advise me on the options and cost. Also, is it possbile to have two row perfects on the same graph? So two athletes can compare power curves as they are rowing.

Heres our answer

All the Rowperfect items are in our shop.
Rowperfect now uses windows software, Rowperfect for Windows (RPW).This connects using the same black interface box that you have on your DOS machine but requires a small hardware upgrade in order to work.

Therefore your options are:

  • Buy an upgrade for the Dos interface 95 incl VAT. Note you have to mail the black box back to us and it takes around a fortnight to process an upgrade.
  • buy a USB to serial port adapter for a modern computer.33 This connects into the same interface cable you already have for the RP. Note not all adapters work with RPW so we recommend you buy this one from us which we know works.
  • if you need a new interface cable 15 (only if the old one is missing or broken)
  • buy new RPW software and interface boxes for the other two RPs 250 each. Note this comes with interface cables but NOT USB adapter so you may need more of them.
  • if your coach is interested in analysing and overlaying graphs of athletes, he might like to buy the SEAN Software Analysis programme which enables multiple uploads of sessions by different athletes. SEAN is sold by a different company, Row Ware in the Netherlands.Specifications for SEAN and free trial download . Pricing Euros 198.00

You might also want to buy some link bars so if you race in crews (as I think you do for the eights head) these join two RPs so each pair down the crew can train together and learn to move synchronously 40

To answer your last question, no you cannot have two power curves on the same graph WHILE you are training. You can however upload a sample curve and have both athletes train to match that sample. We have sample curves available from top internationals for you including Mahe Drysdale and Greg Searle BUT in SEAN your coach can upload multiple athletes training session files and compare them stroke by stroke so afterwards you can see exactly what each man was doing in the training session. There are 33 different data points recorded and each one can by analysed for each stroke taken.

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