Weekly Rowing Poem: Dog on the towpath

Add a bit of colour to your day with this wonderful poem from a Rowperfect reader – Kevin Pyne.  Lyrical, with a great sense of humour, it’s definitely worth the read.

Dog on the towpath running
As its mistress rows so neat
All of three thousand meters
Up and back each morning
When half the world is asleep
Dog on the towpath waiting
Whilst its mistress
Puts her single scull away
These two good friends who get
Up to be out at first light
So as to start their rowing day
Dog on the towpath that evening
Just as the sun turns from
All day yellow
To riverside evening gold
And the happiest little chap ever
As its mistress’s oars catch and cleave
As the power builds up
And so very neatly unfolds
Dog who leaps in off the towpath?
To go swimming
When its is called by its mistress
Before she rows in to put
Her scull away
Two of the happiest best pals
Ever who come rain or shine?
Who row the same course always!

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