Weekly Rowing Poem: Dog on the towpath


Add a bit of colour to your day with this wonderful poem from a Rowperfect reader – Kevin Pyne.  Lyrical, with a great sense of humour, it’s definitely worth the read.

  • Dog on the towpath running
  • As its mistress rows so neat
  • All of three thousand meters
  • Up and back each morning
  • When half the world is asleep
  • Dog on the towpath waiting
  • Whilst its mistress
  • Puts her single scull away
  • These two good friends who get
  • Up to be out at first light
  • So as to start their rowing day
  • Dog on the towpath that evening
  • Just as the sun turns from
  • All day yellow
  • To riverside evening gold
  • And the happiest little chap ever
  • As its mistress’s oars catch and cleave
  • As the power builds up
  • And so very neatly unfolds
  • Dog who leaps in off the towpath?
  • To go swimming
  • When its is called by its mistress
  • Before she rows in to put
  • Her scull away
  • Two of the happiest best pals
  • Ever who come rain or shine?
  • Who row the same course always!

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