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Get Free Education in the USA

Imagine getting your college or university education fully paid for.  There are a number of things that you … read more

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Imagine getting your college or university education fully paid for.  There are a number of things that you can study, but if you’re good at sports then you could get that education for free! Rowing is one of the most prestigious sports in Universities thus if you’re good go for that scholarship!

There are different paths to getting a sporting scholarship e.g. being noticed by coaches, getting help with recruitment companies, or by being a ‘walk – on’.  Let us guide you through the different routes to financial support at school.

Recruitment companies:

On offer are a number of recruitment companies that match high school students with college coaches for free.  Students are able to create an online profile to provide personal, academic and athletic information and stats such as their erg scores, GPA, position, region, YouTube videos or coxswain tapes.

Being a ‘Walk – on’ rower as mentioned above, means you
don’t need to have rowed at high school in order to row at college. Good high school athletes can be recruited to row despite having no prior rowing experience and can receive scholarships from mid-term.

Coaches receive the information submitted online and then search sort and filter the information provided by the students. They contact the athletes directly if they are interested in you.

Coaches will be looking for rowers in with these 2K erg times;

  • Heavyweight men: 6:30 noticed, 6:10- very good
    Lightweight Men: 6:40 and under you’ll be noticed, best recruits are in the 6:30s and 6:20s.
    Heavyweight Women: 7:20 – 7:30 good, 7:15 –
    7:10 very good, 7:09 and lower is excellent
    Lightweight Women:  Under 7:50 is good, 7:40 and under is very good

Note: your 6K times may be required too.

If you are a coxswain, make sure your weight is consistently less than 115 pounds, this is roughly 57.5kg. Athletes over this weight probably will not cox at the Division 1 varsity level. The college minimum for women is 110 and for men is 125 lbs.

For more information on recruiting companies visit some of these websites;

US Rowing also has a guide to college recruiting for parentsVespoli boatbuilders has a web page about it and there’s a book College Rowing Scholarships which you can buy.  Here’s a list of popular recruitment companies who have successfully placed rowers.

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