Update on New Rowperfect

We had this email in on December 18th 2007 from Mark Campbell in answer to a customer enquiry about when the new RP will be ready.

Mark Campbell here, I’m one of the owners of Rowperfect.

I would love to give you a very clear answer, but the clearest is the most honest which is: we are still a few weeks from finishing this marathon. I am leaving after writing this email to drop in the template needed to finish the flywheel cage which is the last piece in the jigsaw for the new base unit. IF all goes well that means we have a trial ten units in say the first week of January. IF they work as they should (and I’ve been literally thrashing the last prototype, which includes the exact same drive mechanism, for several months so only the cage remains to be tested in fact) then we make fifty machines. We have nearly all parts for those 50 so that is a short lead-time.

There is an Email list  you can join to receive notification directly as soon as we have final unit, and with that hopefully final pricing. Email us to join the group.

[There is also a Facebook Rowperfect group which will get notifications.   If you are not a member of Facebook, the link given won't work.]

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