Weekly Rowing Poem: Willis

Weekly rowing poem from a Rowperfect reader – Kevin Pyne.  Lyrical, ironic, comedic, and definitely worth the read!

Kevin Pyne and family




He wasn’t tall enough
To be a rower
And yet in his ignorance
He kept all the rest at bay
By just doing what he
Was doing much
Better then anyone else
He came up against
When competing always

He would even tell
His competitors how
To beat him
And what line to take
And then still go
Out an beat them
By shear muscle power
And skill and of coarse
Exacting precise air intake

Moreover he never got
Aggressive or made fun
Of those he beat
But just got on with
Enjoying rowing
Whilst being kindly
Encouraging and polite
To all that he chanced to meet

His style was truly awful
And he did everything
The wrong way
Yet many a rower has
Followed him home
After actually thinking
That this would be “a synch”
At that they “would rule the day”

So if you think yourself
A rower
Don’t ever get left with
Egg upon your face
By those who are smaller
But do not know that
According to all the principles
Within the art of rowing
They cannot win the race

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