Summer Sculling Challenge


Summer is a great time to learn to scull in a single boat, warm water if you fall in, fewer regattas claiming your attention and the opportunity just to mess around and learn something new.

Sculling Academy tutorialStephen Walker from Sculling Academy

Have you discovered expert video sculling instruction thanks to Stephen Walker of Sculling Academy?

Set up to help the self-taught sculler to improve their abilities in the boat, Stephen has a superb set of videos on his website which give you bite-sized instruction with very clear explanations and demonstrations.

Learning by showing

It’s hard to learn to scull, but Stephen makes everything marvellously clear because his videos show him actually getting into the boat to demonstrate.  It makes me feel like I’m sitting alongside him on the bank and what could be clearer than that?

The opening video is 5 Strategies for Sculling Success.

This is freely available on the home page of the Sculling Academy website.  If you want to watch the rest of the course, you have to sign up by email.  Over a period of days, you get a message with the link to the next video in the series, So it’s easy to learn a bit, go and practice in your boat and then a couple of days later – learn a bit more.

This first free video is one of a short series of videos. You’ll get to see the second one by entering your details. These are the first two videos in a group of videos named the Simple Sculling System™ so you can learn the basics of sculling.

The Simple Sculling System™ is an essential, foundational part of Module 1 in Sculling Academy’s main course, The Sculler’s Guide to Mastery™.

Malcolm Butler writes this testimonial

I have completed 7 “modules” (each a collection of several videos) of Stephen’s Sculling Academy, and have found them to be very helpful. I appreciate the challenge of a “one size fits most” course, trying to be helpful to everyone from a novice to a returning master.

Stephen has a mature attitude to the sport and to fitness, and teaches from the water, the dock, and the whiteboard. I took a little something from every video, and a lot from a few of them.

I have very clearly gotten my money’s worth, and look forward to receiving the next module. I am a mature oarsman returning after rowing for an Ivy League college in the 1980s.

I live far from the nearest coach, so a video based course was just the thing.

There are 7 modules and in this carefully constructed course World Master and expert rowing & sculling coach, Steve Walker, teaches the skills necessary to scull well and scull fast. You will be able to enrol in The Sculler’s Guide to Mastery™ in a few days. So head over to Sculling Academy and get started.

Sculling Academy testimonialsSculling Academy Testimonials


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